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Busy Season and Wellbeing

Reshma Ravikumar, a public services associate in London speaks about her experience dealing with the mental duress that comes with busy season and the support she has received from Grant Thornton.

17 May 2019  |  Guest blogger
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Regaining my confidence

Martyn Royle, an Audit associate from Cardiff speaks about coping with mental health issues and how it affects him and those around him. Read on to find out about how he tackles this challenge while steadily regaining his confidence.

15 May 2019  |  Guest blogger
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Dealing with Exam Stress

Exams - such a small word with such a large amount of fear attached to it. Exams are a big part of your training contract at Grant Thornton and the number of exams you will be required to sit will depend on which qualification you are studying towards and which service line your graduate scheme is in.

14 May 2019  |  Guest blogger
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More than an apprenticeship programme

My name is Zane Salmon and I am an Audit Assistant on a 15-month placement in the Liverpool office. My journey began when I left school in 2016 with 3 A’s at A-Level with aspirations to study Biomedical Sciences at University of Liverpool. I found out quite early on that the mainstream education pathway wasn’t for me and left university to re-think my career path.

04 March 2019  |  Guest blogger
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Why choose a career in Transfer Pricing?

"There has never been a more exciting time to get involved with transfer pricing. With constant developments in international transfer pricing regulations, ever increasing tax authority scrutiny and growing complexity of tax regimes all over the world, our clients need us now more than ever. " - Izabela Pajak, Associate

05 February 2019  |  Guest blogger
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5 tips to ace an experience day

Whether you’re thinking of applying or you’re already in the process, one of the final steps before getting hired is going through an experience day. This day is an opportunity to show us who you really are and for us to get to know each other better. You’ll receive more information before the experience day, but in the meantime, the Spilling the Beans team has put together our top 5 tips to ace your experience day.

30 January 2019  |  Sally Grinham, Lucy Dale, Aminur Hussain
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Life in Corporate Tax as an Associate

Richard Shao gives us an insight into his time in the Corporate Tax team. "Since I have been with GT, I have been to a meeting at a client site, and have had the opportunity to sit in on multiple calls between managers and clients. I have even had a client call me up personally, completely out of the blue, to run through some tax queries, which was unexpected and a little bit scary. Having said that, it’s the unexpected nature of the job that can make it very interesting, and pushes you to always be on the ball."

14 December 2018  |  Guest blogger - Trainee
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Life in Transfer Pricing as an Associate

Charlie Walsh gives us an insight into his time in the Transfer Pricing team. "I’ve really enjoyed the amount that I am learning on the job. Transfer pricing involves learning a lot of information about the client’s business and using it to determine what needs to be done and how it needs to be done; learning why my colleagues ask the questions and make the decisions that they do is very interesting."

06 December 2018  |  Guest blogger - Trainee
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Interview with Chris Thewlis at Vibrant Scotland Launch

Hi, I’m Lucy Dale, based at our Glasgow office and part of the Spilling The Beans team - a group of trainees nationally, helping to share insight into life at our firm. Throughout 2018 and 2019, Grant Thornton is leading a series of initiatives under the banner 'Vibrant Scotland'.

05 December 2018  |  Lucy Dale
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Five weeks In - Audit at GT Bristol

Guest blogger : Luke Skears – Audit Graduate Trainee, Bristol Office ‘’If you give people tools, and they use their natural abilities and their curiosity, they will develop things that will surprise you very much beyond what you might have expected’’. Although this is a quote from Bill Gates, it could equally be the overall message that I have taken from my initial few weeks at Grant Thornton.

29 October 2018  |  Guest blogger - Trainee
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My graduate experience- Corporate tax

Most of my work involves preparing corporate tax computations for clients, which will test your time management, attention to detail, and communication skills. Communication is important as you will need to convey expectations with auditors and managers, as well as conversing with the clients to identify which of their expenses are and are not tax deductible

25 October 2018  |  Guest blogger - Trainee
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A year in Technology Risk Services (TRS)

TRS sits within Business Risk Services offering highly specialised and extensive expertise of various key IT risk management areas. This is often separated into three sectors: IT Internal Audit; External Audit; and Advisory. Within these areas, there are more specific client services such as data analytics, data privacy, and logical/physical security auditing.

19 October 2018
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