BGS Associate Programme Series: Experiences of the Programme

The first blog in our BGS series comes from Josh, a Trainee Associate on the Future Leaders Programme…

Like many, I left university without a clear idea of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. A similar feeling had led me into a Master’s program following my undergraduate degree, but now was the time to knuckle down and find a place to make my mark. The residing and most difficult question remained…..WHERE? I applied across a range of different companies and job types, partially successfully. I obtained final stage interviews at a FTSE 100 company for their marketing scheme, an American merchant banking firm on a wealth management program and at Grant Thornton for the BGS Associate Program. Now, just a few months into my time with Grant Thornton I honestly know I made the right choice. The programme has given me the opportunity to test myself in an exciting and challenging space, surrounded by experienced professionals and ambitious people like myself.


Using my experiences to date, these are the 3 reasons you should be choosing the FLP too:

Variety – Many schemes offer you the opportunity for variety… but few can offer you the variety of the BGS associate programme. Your first 6 months will be spent rotating across differing product offerings and services. This gives you a real opportunity to understand the scope of Grant Thornton’s work. As a firm we have products focused at people management, finance, business advisory etc. It’s a great time to understand not only our products but the businesses we work with. Grant Thornton is on the pulse, working with some of the UK’s most exciting SMEs to achieve their growth ambitions. It is so important to recognise, here your curiosity and interest to try new things will be rewarded and encouraged. You will not be pigeon holed.

Atmosphere – Maybe it’s because we focus on dynamic SME’s rather than large corporates, or it could be the fact new products are constantly being developed to improve our offering, at Grant Thornton you will be encouraged to have an opinion and voice your ideas. In many large scale organisations ideas are swallowed up in miles of red tape. However here, you are encouraged to voice your opinions, you’re looked upon with respect for your unique perspective from day one. This collaborative atmosphere is a key part of our firms strategy moving forward and it shows in the way your ideas are taken on board and supported something our CEO Sacha Romanovitch fully believes in. Grant Thornton is a firm that recognises and support great ideas and the culture around that makes it a great place to work.

Growth Immersion Project – Some people wait years to be trusted with real client contact and the great learning experiences this can facilitate. The BGS associate programme  is set up in a way that can provide this great opportunity, in a matter of weeks. As a small team you will be given a partner business to work with, to contact, to understand, to assess and to deliver tangible outcomes. Client contact like this can teach you so much about the work done to support SMEs, and the responsibility to support your own is a learning experience I have not heard replicated anywhere else.

This is a program for those with a business fascination, an incurable curiosity and a desire to learn and challenge themselves every day. If you have drive and wish to understand the SME landscape in-depth, why not apply to join the team of talented individuals who make up the programme and Grant Thornton as a wider firm, we’d love to meet you.

To find out more about the programme, head over to our YouTube channel…


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