BGS Associate Programme Series: My biggest challenge as a graduate


The next blog in our BGS series comes from Sanna, an associate who joined the programme in 2014…

In July 2014 I joined the BGS associate programme at Grant Thornton as a Trainee. Coming almost straight out of university, the biggest challenge I set for myself was to learn more about my interests and strengths, while also trying to figure out the value I can add to a large organisation like Grant Thornton. With only a few months left on the programme, I thought that now would be a good time to reflect on where I’ve got to with my thinking.

The BGS Programme has been fantastic in helping me to tackle this challenge due to its rotational structure. Changing teams on a regular basis has forced me to challenge myself in new ways and to work with different people in various roles. While at times stressful, the real value in such a structure is to build a well-rounded skillset and a better understanding of how you can best thrive as a professional. People always say that you don’t know if you like something before you try it and I find that to be absolutely true.

So what did I do to overcome the challenge of understanding myself a bit better? Saying yes to most things (within reason of course!) and trying out jobs that I wouldn’t naturally be interested in has helped me immensely. Another key thing for me has been to reflect on my progress with my people manager and close friends on a regular basis. As I went along, I’ve also been jotting down things that I have enjoyed about each project I have been involved with, which has helped me to clarify the type of role that would suit me best.

One of the most interesting discoveries I have made over the past two years, is that I have developed an interest in some areas of business that I never expected to. This just goes to show you that it is sometimes useful to challenge your own assumptions and stay open-minded – you might discover something new and exciting!


15 April 2016 at 8:34 AM    |   Posted by Guest blogger

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