A Level Results Day… One Year On

Today’s guest blog comes from Chris, a trainee in our Manchester office who joined as a School Leaver last August…

This time last year, I didn’t quite know what to expect, whether that was with my exam results, or in starting my career at Grant Thornton.

Unfortunately, my exam results didn’t go the way I would have wanted, and that’s when the worry started to settle in about my prospects of joining the firm. I was on holiday at the time, and I remember as soon as my results came out, the first phone call I received was from Michelle in the resourcing team telling me not to be too hard on myself, and that Grant Thornton was still the place to be in order for me to develop my knowledge, and the skills that I had previously picked up in my A Level Accounting course.


A couple of days later, Michelle rang me again to confirm that the offer was still there for me to start at the end of August. With a big sigh of relief, my feelings of not knowing what to expect quickly turned into excitement…

So a year on, how am I feeling? Well first of all, I am very thankful that Grant Thornton believed in me, and gave me the chance to join the firm and show them what I can do. Since results day a year ago, I’ve not looked back. Having that attitude has allowed me to fully focus on producing the best work I can, whilst building friendships with many people at the firm, and this is just the start of it.

I don’t think you actually realise what the working environment or the values of a firm such as Grant Thornton are really like until you start working there. The support I’ve been given from those around me is second to none, and has made my somewhat teething year a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable.

I’m proud to have worked with some of the biggest clients with whom Grant Thornton North West has relationships as I feel entrusted with lots of responsibility by my senior colleagues. I love working with such large organisations.

Results day last year seems like a lifetime ago. I would encourage anybody who is thinking of applying or has already got an offer at Grant Thornton not to let the worry of results day take over. Grant Thornton really does put their people first, and will give you all the support and advice you need,  whatever the outcome. I couldn’t recommend the people and the working environment here any higher.

I hope you’re happy with what you got yesterday and my story inspires you.

Hopefully, I’ll get to work with you in the future…




19 August 2016 at 2:32 PM    |   Posted by Guest blogger

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