Takeover 2016: Away Day at the Velodrome

Hi all! I’m Jess and I’m an intern in the Entrepreneurial and Private Client tax department at the Euston office.

A few weeks ago the tax and audit London interns, along with the full time members of their respective departments, were invited to spend the day at the Lee Valley Velodrome for the Audit and Tax Collaboration Day. And what a day it was! I can honestly say I never thought I’d be able to call my office the middle of the Olympic cycling track, where so many gold medals were won for Great Britain…


After a very early start and getting slightly lost in Stratford, we made it to the Velopark bleary eyed and ready to see what was in store for us! The Audit and Tax Collaboration Team (or A&T Team) had organised the event, as they aim to encourage seamless collaboration between the London audit and tax teams; so often we forget we have other departments sitting only a few floors away from us in the same building!

Our day was filled with a range of events aimed at getting us working and thinking together, including a Q&A panel with partners and directors, interactive game show events and elevator pitches, as well as gaining a real insight into the different streams within the tax and audit teams. As an intern this was invaluable experience, as not only did we see what the many tax teams worked on, but also understood what audit does and the types of clients we work with – there were some surprisingly big names I must say! Throughout the day we were also encouraged to talk to and collaborate with colleagues from different departments and of different levels of seniority; it was a fantastic opportunity for interns and other employees to network and gain a deeper appreciation for the hard work Grant Thornton does.

No trip to the Velodrome would be complete without some cycling! The lucky few were dressed in their finest lycra and zipped around the track trying to make the best time for their teams. We also had the pleasure of seeing some of the partners don their cycling gear too.

I’ve discovered in my few weeks at Grant Thornton that they really want everyone to have the best time when they’re at work. Our away day at the Velodrome allowed us to socialise with our teams and other interns in an informal setting, enjoying the sunshine in Stratford and then watching Wales lose to Portugal at the pub afterwards. It was a truly fantastic day and one of the definite highlights of my internship so far.


If you have any questions or would like to know more, feel free to email me at jess.obrien@uk.gt.com

25 July 2016 at 3:22 PM    |   Posted by Takeover 2016

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