Intern v Graduate – The ‘Bradenham experience’ for interns & graduates alike

14 months ago, back in June 2015, I prepared to join the Public Sector Audit team at Grant Thornton. By this time, I had already applied to be a part of the Spilling the Beans Intern Takeover Team and so wrote my first blog ‘The Weeks Before I Joined Grant Thornton’ which gave an insight into what you might expect in-between receiving an offer and starting at the firm.

Fast forward 14 months… I had an enjoyable summer with the firm, started my final year at university, Christmas came and went, I took my final exams and I am now a university graduate. So what now? After my internship last summer, I received a graduate job offer and so now I have joined Grant Thornton … Again!

There are both differences and similarities in joining as an intern vs. joining as a graduate. Each blog in this series will compare experiences, so it’s easier to understand the differences.



The week following Talent 16 we had the ‘Breaking Records’ workshop at Bradenham Manor- the firm’s training facility in High Wycombe.. The aim of the workshop was to introduce us to bookkeeping and give us a head-start in accounting before we headed off to college for a few weeks. The workshop’s facilitators were all trainees who had recently completed the workshop themselves, so they were able to let us in on the most up-to-date bookkeeping and accounting tips.

Do interns get to go to Bradenham? As part of my internship I also spent some time at Bradenham for a workshop aiming to improve our presentation skills. At the end of the internship all interns give a presentation to senior members of their team. This workshop allowed us to spend a few days at the training facility, prepare for the presentations and improve our confidence

Regardless of whether you are a graduate or an intern, Bradenham is great for getting to know your colleagues. You are often there for more than one night and there are always social events on in the evening. One of Bradenham’s perks in the bar as well as a pool table and different field games including volleyball net. If you find yourself at Grant Thornton either as an intern or a graduate, you will definitely get a chance to head down to this facility. Make sure you spend some time getting to know the others you are down there with!

P.S. The food is great.