Intern v Graduate – Local Orientation / I’ve been here a month already?

14 months ago, back in June 2015, I prepared to join the Public Sector Audit team at Grant Thornton. By this time, I had already applied to be a part of the Spilling the Beans Intern Takeover Team and so wrote my first blog ‘The Weeks Before I Joined Grant Thornton’ which gave an insight into what you might expect in-between receiving an offer and starting at the firm.

Fast forward 14 months… I had an enjoyable summer with the firm, started my final year at university, Christmas came and went, I took my final exams and I am now a university graduate. So what now? After my internship last summer, I received a graduate job offer and so now I have joined Grant Thornton … Again!

There are both differences and similarities in joining as an intern vs. joining as a graduate. Each blog in this series will compare experiences, so it’s easier to understand the differences.


Local Orientation

Throughout the first month, the odd day was assigned to local orientation which was designed to get us ready for our teams. During this time, we had various guest speakers and took part in a range of workshops run by people from the teams we would soon be joining. We were also given more specific ideas about the type of work our future team did and our expectations were managed in terms of the type of work we were likely to be getting involved in once we joined.

During this time, vital workshops were held including Business writing, to ensure we were ready to start producing client-worthy written correspondence from day one with our teams.

Orientation for interns? On my internship, we had something similar to this. Every Wednesday, the interns from my office would all leave their client sites and get together at the office to learn more about the firm, and take part in various workshops. Highlights from this include sessions on the CLEARR principles, as well as a trip down to the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy headquarters in London, in order to learn more about different qualifications, we could pursue.

A month already?

After all of that, it had been a month already. The month flew by, and tomorrow is my first day with the Business Consulting Team. Coincidently, my first day with the team falls on the quarterly team day and so it is the perfect day to meet everyone and find out much more about what is happening across the team. The day after I will go into the office and hopefully get involved in some exciting projects very quickly.

Looking back, over the last month, joining as an intern and joining as a graduate isn’t all that different after all. The induction period is more extensive as a graduate, but there are many similarities in both.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch or ask me any questions. I am always more than happy to accept questions whether they are related to this blog or not. If I can’t provide an answer myself, I will find someone who can. Thanks for reading!

Posted by Mass Ndow-Njie   |    14 October 2016 at 8:55 AM

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