Talent 16 – Vibrant Orientation

So this week we headed up to the University of Hertfordshire to attend the Talent 16 Vibrant Orientation Event and to get the new intake of trainees engaged and informed about what joining Grant Thornton is all about…


I’m currently sat in the atrium of the University’s main building, reflecting on the day gone by and what key messages have come from it. The day kicked off with Sacha Romanovitch, our CEO, sharing her thoughts on what we have to do in Grant Thornton to make a difference, outlining the importance of purpose and how we can all contribute in a meaningful way. Something that she said in particular has really stuck with me, ‘when you find out who you’re meant to be, you can really set the world on fire’. This supports the Grant Thornton culture of diversity and inclusion and how this can really be used to fuel growth. What drives you to make a difference?

Further to the passion brought by Sacha, our Regions Partner, Robert Hannah explained how each new trainee fits into the complete puzzle, through the combination of people, markets, operations, and clients in the balanced scorecard. He went on to address how each individual in our firm was chosen for a distinct reason; Grant Thornton saw potential and champions of shaping a Vibrant Economy, rather than merely being recruited on an academic basis. It’s vital that we understand how each of us can contribute to the bigger picture and how by everyone taking responsibility, it will benefit us all, especially in our newly adopted Shared Enterprise culture.

The trainees got to understand more about what a Vibrant Economy is and how it can impact them, when speakers Natalie Campbell and Christina Dennis took to the stage to elaborate on what this commonly used Grant Thornton objective really means. This was followed up by engaging in sessions exploring what a Vibrant Economy will look like in 2020 and how it compares to the current day. The trainees were divided into a number of teams to work on their different ideas and some of which were presented back to the not only the rest of their intake, but our prestigious panel, made up of our very own CEO, Sacha, as well as guest CEO’s from other large firms. This was an incredible opportunity for our trainees and it’s safe to say they rose to the challenge and did a great job at impressing everyone with their innovation and confidence- great job guys!

The day was wrapped up by a celebratory dinner and a guest speaker, Richard Brooks, CEO of K International sharing ‘The Client Experience’ point of view, and what sets Grant Thornton apart from its competitors. Richard talked about the importance of value and emotional intelligence, explaining how Grant Thornton really cares about his firm and nurtures the needs of it in times of crisis, demonstrating just how much value we add to our services. It was great to hear from someone external to our firm, just how much of a difference Grant Thornton can make in the world and how this can make our clients feel and grow.

After a beautiful three course meal, it was the formal end of the evening and time to hit the sheets (or for some, hit the onsite bar!) A great end to an energised day for our trainees, hopefully they enjoy the remainder of the event just as much as today. But what’s in store? Well, you’ll have to stay engaged to find out…

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01 September 2016 at 10:54 AM    |   Posted by Jenny Jackson

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