How to Apply for Work Experience…

So you’ve decided to apply for work experience at Grant Thornton and you’re asking yourself what’s the application form like, will it take me ages? The good news is we’ve shortened our application form considerably; it really won’t take you long.


Step 1: create a profile

Top tips  

1)     When you tell us about your education, you don’t need to give us everything. For instance, you only need to share your top three predicted A-Levels grades (not including general studies) and we only need to know about GCSE Maths and English. If you didn’t go down the A/AS Level route, please make sure to tell us about your Scottish Qualifications, IB Diploma, OCR National, BTEC National qualifications or any other equivalent route that you may have taken. And if you are still studying, tell us your predicted grades.

 2)     When it says ‘degree’ on the application form, we’re actually referring to any relevant qualifications you have – it’s just our system terminology. Just hit the drop down and you can specify A-Level, GCSE, etc.

 3)     When we ask you for your ‘school’, please give us the full official name, not an abbreviation, of last school you attended or are currently attending


Step 2: a few final questions

 We’ll ask you about;

1.      your right to work in the UK

2.      your post code at age 14. If you’re struggling, click here and it should point you in the right direction. This data really helps us with our commitment towards equality monitoring and as with all of your diversity data, this is voluntary, confidential and only used for anonymous reporting.

 Step 3: click submit and digital interview

We’ll then progress you to a digital interview (if we have all the information we need) – it’s nowhere near as scary as it sounds and we’ll coach you through it. Our best advice is to be yourself. We want people to bring their whole selves to work, so think about this when you’re answering.

When it comes to assessing your digital interview, we’re really looking for potential. We’re interested in the ‘how’ and not just the ‘what’. So the questions we ask are future focused, we want to see how you would approach tasks and experiences and how you may feel in doing so. We’re looking to assess your natural strengths and we’ll be looking at this across a number of areas: self-awareness, determination, curiosity, insight, coachability, engagement and motivation. But don’t worry too much as we really just want to see your natural self and therefore you can’t prepare in advance for these questions.

Good luck!


05 September 2016 at 11:50 AM    |   Posted by Chris G

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