Grant Thornton vs Small Accountancy Firm

I am now over halfway through my internship at Grant Thornton and have also previously worked at a small regional accountancy firm. Some of you may have had previous work experience or a part-time job at a smaller accountancy firm and may want to know how this is different to working at Grant Thornton, so I have made this list below of my 5 main differences:

Bigger Clients

Grant Thornton provides services for large, fast growing clients. I have attended meetings and completed work for large international businesses. During your internship, you will get to see first-hand the complex challenges that large businesses face and how there are more potential hazards for international businesses.

Bigger Team

This means you get to work with lots of people from a diverse range of backgrounds and benefit from a vast breadth of experience. Although I found the size of the office and team a bit intimidating at first, everyone is genuinely really friendly and welcoming and always happy to help with anything.

More opportunity to specialise

At Grant Thornton, I joined the Indirect Tax team which is a specialist service that I would never have been able to do at a smaller firm. I am finding this area of tax to be extremely interesting and to be a lot more intrinsic to business transactions than I had first thought. Grant Thornton as a whole offers a wide variety of services so you may be able to learn more about an area you weren’t that familiar with previously!

Lots of new joiners

When I joined Grant Thornton so did over 100 other intern and placement students. This is great as you can meet lots of people in the same position as you and share your experiences. You will get the chance to network with everyone at events such as the National Intern Conference and at various enjoyable social activities.

Bradenham Manor

When you join (if not before) you will probably hear a lot about this, and understandably so. You’ll spend a couple of days over in the beautiful manor in High Wycombe. With insightful workshops, great food and very nice accommodation, your visit to Bradenham Manor will be an enjoyable one and it is definitely another perk of working at Grant Thornton!

Working at a smaller accountancy firm is a great way of gaining an overview of the industry as a whole, but I have experienced more and gained more skills at Grant Thornton. I am having an amazing time here as I believe you all will when you join!

Written by Laura Jackson - Tax Intern

01 August 2018 at 3:04 PM    |   Posted by Guest blogger - Intern

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