My first year in Audit

Hey everyone!

I’ll start by introducing myself: I’m Jo and started in Oxford Audit in September 2017. The year has flown by and I’ve been incredibly surprised at how much I’ve learnt and developed in such a short time.

The Oxford office has been really welcoming with an extremely strong core team. The other associates (trainees) are always on hand to assist or attempt comic relief which has led to many very enjoyable and humorous moments in the office. The more senior team are great as well; sitting amongst one another helps you build bonds with those that you may otherwise have little contact with in the early days. Afternoon visits for a quick chat from Audit Partner Mark Bishop are always a delight of interesting facts, colourful stories and the well-renowned dad joke.

I had a few years working before opting to join GT so am a more mature (I use this loosely) grad. Age ranges wildly for new starters so wherever you fit on the spectrum you will still feel at home, which is a concern I had before starting.

I’ve had the absolute privilege of working on some absolute belters of clients. I’ve enjoyed these due to an array of factors including our beautiful cheese buffets that took us around the world on Friday afternoon’s; from France to Indonesia, each more delightful than the last.

There are some really cool, growing, vibrant (yes I buzzword) clients; I’m not a massive techno but getting to see and hear about all the new gadgets at our science and development clients was ace! One enjoyable moment was the enormous computerised map in a room that looks like the control room or War room in overly dramatic American cinematography. Just being able to play with that for a bit I probably enjoyed a lot more than I should at 27!
At clients this year I’ve literally had the chance to walk through history while we audit. The range of clients we have really keep audit exciting as my jobs have varied wildly which I’ve loved. Lunch is a key selling point for me and while some clients are deffo bring your own sandwiches, others will have you waiting in anticipation of the specials board. Well they did me anyway! Some beautiful buildings in which our clients operate provide some excellent Instagram opportunities. Whilst the gents in Oxford are fantastic be prepared for some character building sessions thanks to the efforts of Tom Mayho (A3) and Charlie HJ (A2)!

The people are truly what make Grant Thornton great so there is pressure on you guys to keep it up! We have a really collaborative environment meaning we work together towards shared goals and are always there to support one another when the going gets tough! Whilst this extra work may seem annoying if you’re enjoying a bit of a lull, you will thank you’re lucky stars for it when you’re under the cosh and there really isn’t a better feeling knowing you have done your bit for the team and helped out your co-workers! It’s also helped me to forge close working bonds with my colleagues of whom many are now great friends!

The key thing I’d say moving forward is really throw yourself into the opportunity. GT has loads of extra-curricular stuff to get involved with including Vibrant economy, Volunteering, Fundraising, Ethical Reading, Seminars and much more. Get involved in as much as you can and really make the most of your time at GT! Lastly, congratulations on your offer at GT and I look forward to new friendly faces very soon!
Yours ever,

A1 Extraordinaire

28 August 2018 at 3:08 PM    |   Posted by Guest blogger - Placement student

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