Expectations vs. Reality: Commercial Audit

A little bit of background about myself: I have just finished my second year of an Accounting and Finance degree at the University of Leeds. My hobbies include: playing cricket, reading and being sad that it is not coming home this year! I am currently on the Commercial audit internship in the Birmingham office.

I don't know about all the backgrounds of the other interns but outside of work shadowing, I had never had a proper office job where I was given real work. I was expecting a decent amount of pressure, calling clients a lot and lots of simple number crunching. However, the reality I found was more engaging. While I have done some adding up to check the numbers, it has been interesting to see a real set of accounts (I am an accounting and finance student). I thought this type of work would be fairly demoralising but it is easy to see how it all fits into a full audit and so it is interesting work. It also helps that the people who I have worked with have been really nice and explained things well so I feel like I am involved.

Being an intern you might have expected that someone would be checking on you and making sure that you are on track. However, in reality when I had work, I was given some independence and freedom to do my work, this has been fantastic because I don't feel over pressurised and that is what I wanted coming into this internship. Despite being an accounting and finance student, it is nice that the managers do not assume that you are knowledgeable. This means that they explain processes in simple terms and make it easy to understand the work that you are being asked to do. Another expectation that I had would be that managers would give you some work and you would be expected to do it without a hitch. In reality everyone is understanding and willing to answer any questions that you might have.

My expectations for being on-site were of the auditors being put in a tiny, hot room with piles of work to do. In reality the last week that I have been on-site the work has been interesting and manageable. There does seem to be a lot of work that needs doing as I expected, but they have treated us quite well and it has been a good experience. With the amount of work that everyone has been doing, I have been pleasantly surprised at how nice the other auditors have been in both giving me work and explaining it so that I can understand. I have also asked them multiple questions about some pieces of work they had just explained to me and they were very patient and helpful. Having been kept busy, I also feel like I have been contributing to the overall audit.

Overall, I went in with expectations of the work and day to day activities being tough and high pressured, but the reality I have found is that the people who work here at GT have been inclusive and really embody the values of GT.

By George Grandage - Audit Intern

20 July 2018 at 2:38 PM    |   Posted by Guest blogger - Intern

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