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Hi I’m Sam and I’m an audit intern in the Manchester Office. I’m now four weeks into my internship and I am really enjoying it so far. The intern conference at the start of the internship inspired me to get the best out of my experience as we had many great presentations from partners and most notably the CEO Sacha Romanovitch who was very impressive talking about the vibrant economy and Grant Thornton’s culture.

In this blog I wanted to give an idea of what it’s like being out at a client site on audit. Having also spent some time in the office which is a relaxed environment that is easy to work in, for me what has been great is being out at client sites as well. It has been a great experience working as part of a team. Work is very enjoyable when everyone is sat around a table working on the same project and it’s good to be able to hear what parts of the audit people are working on so you can build up a picture of the audit as a whole. Being on a couple of audits for a full week each has meant I have had the opportunity to understand how a business can be made up of many different holding companies within the group and how a company develops a product, sells it, and delivers on the sale for example. This has been really fascinating and a great learning experience for me as I study history at university and had little knowledge of business before I started.

The chance to be able to speak to the client is also a great opportunity to understand the business and has really improved my personal confidence from being able to negotiate an unfamiliar situation. Each team that I have been on has had a different atmosphere and I’ve learned the importance of adapting your personality and the way you communicate to suit the team that you are in. In a large lively team you might have to be more extroverted and contribute more to fit into the team whereas in a team with some quite naturally quiet people you might need to be slightly quieter yourself and encourage others to engage in conversation. Working in teams has made me realise how you need to adapt to suit the situation and most of all I’ve found it’s enjoyable to work with lots of different people and get to know them on a personal level.

Adapting your personal style was something we talked about during a couple of days at Bradenham during our presentation workshop which was also eye opening as we learnt that when speaking it’s your body language and tonality that matter the most with the actual words that come out of your mouth being of very little importance. This surprised me and the internship is helping me develop my personal skills a lot which is not something I necessarily expected at the start. So I would say the thing that I have enjoyed the most and I have learnt the most doing on my internship is working in teams at a client because you really learn to communicate well with colleagues and are immersed in the client’s business meaning that you learn very rapidly.

By Sam W Cressey - Audit Intern

25 July 2018 at 3:03 PM    |   Posted by Guest blogger - Intern

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