A day in the life of an Associate - Public Sector Audit at Bristol

Gilbert Toma - Audit Graduate Trainee, Bristol


Explaining what I do day to day as a Public Sector Audit Associate with Grant Thornton, people are either enthralled by the ever-changing conditions, clients and colleagues with no two weeks the same, or think it’s a bit of a faff. I personally enjoy the differing responsibilities involved with my role, getting the opportunity to work with new people every day, whether it’s in a productive or educational environment. When talking it over, I typically split my role into three different sections.

Firstly, working with clients on their accounts forms a major part of my time here. My first project, filing housing benefits for a local district council, was a huge learning curve that, along with help from my other team members, allowed me to pick up the correct practices quickly and use them effectively. It’s fascinating and thrilling to be a part of these essential practices, whilst also getting the chance to work closely with colleagues and clients alike to produce the best results.

Secondly, auditing a stock take is a completely different aspect of the role. We’re entrusted with this great responsibility early on, which involves meeting clients one-on-one to examine their practices firsthand, identify any discrepancies in their count, and verify that they’re operating correctly. This requires a great deal of flexibility, professional diligence and tests our client skills early on, but I hugely enjoy this aspect of the role.

The final one is studying. I found this the most important area, especially when I first started here, as it gave me a great sense of understanding for the work we’re doing, and how what we’re doing benefits our clients. Having graduated with a scientific degree, I was initially worried with how I’d handle the material, but the learning environment and fantastic teaching made it intuitive and enjoyable.

Overall, day by day, being a part of Grant Thornton and aiding in whatever aspect that I can, I feel extremely valued at the firm and that the work I produce does have a huge effect on the team’s performance. The overarching aims, such as upholding CLEARR values and working towards a Vibrant Economy, really do bleed into every contribution I make toward the firm’s projects, as I work with the magnificent team members around me towards a shared goal.

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