My journey from application to offer!

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Hi, my name is Victoria and I’ll be starting as an Advisory Associate in the Glasgow office at the end of August. When I applied to Grant Thornton last year, the welcoming atmosphere was already clear. Once I got to a certain stage in the recruitment process I had a contact on the Grant Thornton recruitment team who I could get in touch with if I had any questions. This gave a more personal feel rather than generic emails. This same recruiter was also present at my Experience Day and it helped my nerves to already have spoken with them in advance. Throughout the various application stages it felt that Grant Thornton were trying to find out more about me and my interests as well as my academic achievements.

At the Experience Day everyone was really friendly and tried to make us feel at ease. I liked how there were only three other people attending the day so it was easy to get to know them a bit before going onto the group exercise. Some of the current trainees also came through during lunch. This was a great way to chat informally about what life as a trainee is really like. Despite the inevitable nerves on the day, I very much enjoyed my Experience Day and so I was over the moon when I got the phone call saying I’d received an offer.

Following on from there, as I finished my final year of university, Grant Thornton really made an effort to keep in contact with me and support me in the lead up to joining. Firstly, they gave me a buddy who was able to meet up with me for a coffee and answer any questions I had about the team and what sort of thing I’d be doing. This was a really nice touch as now I have a friendly face when I start.

Grant Thornton also put on a pizza night in the Glasgow office for all the new starts to get to know each other. It was a great way to chat in an informal setting with the people I’ll be starting with. We also heard a bit more about life at Grant Thornton from current trainees.
With only a few weeks to go now until I start, I am definitely excited to join such a welcoming team. Whilst starting anything new does feel a bit daunting, I have had a lot of support from Grant Thornton . I’m now looking forward to throwing myself into all the opportunities and challenges that Grant Thornton has to offer!

19 August 2019 at 9:39 AM    |   Posted by Victoria Reid

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