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If you are reading this blog then you may be one of the 269 graduates, school leavers and placement students that have made it through a rigorous recruitment process and are about to join our Grant Thornton family – congratulations! You’ve made it though online tests, a digital interview, and finally an experience day where you had your face-to-face interview and you have been chosen out of over 9000 applicants! If you are one of the people joining us, read below to find out everything you'll need to know for Talent19!

By now you may have had chance to meet some of your team and maybe even had the all-important welcome drinks! But on Monday 2nd September it’s the official welcome – Talent 19! This will be a two day conference designed to give you a warm welcome to the firm, a chance to understand more about Grant Thornton’s purpose, strategy and culture including where you fit into this and an insight into what to expect in your coming year.

This years Talent will be hosted at Warwick University where you’ll stay over for the night – don’t panic about how you’ll be getting there you’ll receive more information from your local orientation contact in the week before. Talent 19 will start at 11am, kicking off with a talk from our CEO Dave Dunckley. Throughout the conference you’ll hear from many others in the Grant Thornton Senior Leadership Team, including our Grant Thornton Global CEO, Peter Bodin! Their talks will explore Quality, Risk and Reputation, preparing you for a career in the profession and engaging with clients. This years Talent will also focus on the firms digital approach and the use of technology.

Across the two days there will also be team building activities where you will have a chance to demonstrate the Grant Thornton values of Collaboration, Leadership, Excellence, Agility, Respect and Responsibility. There will also be the first of many ethics sessions throughout your time at Grant Thornton to highlight its importance in the accountancy profession. Oh, and of course you’ll enjoy some delicious meals including a Gala dinner on the Monday evening!

As well as all this, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with the new joiners from all offices across the UK! Make the most of this chance to meet new friends, the people sitting next to you will be your comrades here at Grant Thornton. You’ll share so many experiences; your first client engagements, training at Bradenham, the stress of exams… These are the people who will support you in times of despair and although you are spread across different offices many of you will meet again during day-to-day work, at Bradenham or at the annual football tournament!

From going to Talent 18 myself last year, I can say it really is such a great start to your Grant Thornton experience! I met so many people from different offices/service lines and got a great insight into the firm that I was about to start a professional career and what my next year would be like. The Gala dinner was a great chance to bond with my intake and there was a Q&A with some of the senior leaders which was a relaxed atmosphere to find out more about their experiences progressing through the firm.

So what will your first two weeks look like? Well, some of you may have already started, but most of you will be joining Grant Thornton on Tuesday 28th August where you’ll head to your respective office and have a two day local orientation followed by a two day training course at our tuition provider, BPP. Then after a well needed weekend, on Monday 2nd September you’ll be off to Talent 19! After the two day conference, which finishes at 3pm on Tuesday 3rd, you’ll head home. The rest of the week will depend on your respective office and service line, you may be in your office for further training, heading to college to start your professional exams or maybe even be working on your first client engagement!

We hope after Talent you will feel supported in your transition into corporate life and will be clear on what you can expect from us and what we expect from you in return.

Keep an eye out for our Spilling the Beans team members who will be there to answer any questions you have and you will also have a chance to feature in our Talent 19 vlog.

See you all at Warwick University!

Posted by Lara Golding   |    19 August 2019 at 10:06 AM

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