Why choose a career in Transfer Pricing?

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- Izabela Pajak


There has never been a more exciting time to get involved with transfer pricing. With constant developments in international transfer pricing regulations, ever increasing tax authority scrutiny and growing complexity of tax regimes all over the world, our clients need us now more than ever.


Transfer pricing is all about finding the ‘right’ price of intercompany, usually cross-border, transactions. Transactions can come in many forms, ranging from sales of particularly niche goods or services to royalty payments for the use of a particular piece of intellectual property, such as a brand or a piece of ingenious software.


To find the arm’s length price of a transaction, we need to understand the business inside out and the markets in which it operates. We conduct functional analysis interviews with our clients to find out about the functions performed, assets employed, and the risks assumed by the business so we can characterise entities and provide guidance on appropriate transfer pricing policies or produce documentation compliant with the requirements dictated by global tax authorities.


As our client base comes from a wide range of industries, such as insurance, finance, technology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, extractives and many more, our team is perfect for you if you have always wanted to learn about multinational enterprises and how they operate. You will learn something new every day and the wide exposure to different clients will help you become a well-rounded business advisor.


You will work with our award-winning UK team of transfer pricing and international tax specialists, lawyers, accountants and economists. Much of our work extends beyond just UK legislation. Guidance on transfer pricing principles is primarily provided by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (‘OECD’) but every country has the right to enact their own specific transfer pricing regulations. You are likely to therefore find yourself working with over 150 transfer-pricing specialists through the network of Grant Thornton member firms.

Our core services include:


  • Documentation
  • Policy Reviews
  • External Benchmarking Analysis
  • Functional Analysis
  • Audit work
  • Enquiry Management and Dispute Resolution
  • Advance Pricing Agreements
  • Advance Thin Capitalisation Agreements


Our team has developed to help clients overcome increasingly sophisticated challenges, and deliver relevant and sustainable transfer pricing services. We help our clients make sure their transfer pricing implementation is fit for purpose today, and into the future.

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