My journey from fixed-term contract to full-time graduate role

I joined the firm in February 2020 as a Fixed-Term-Contract (FTC) associate in the Public Sector Audit (PSA) team. The FTC position suited me really well because I was looking for a career change in the beginning of the year, and was weary of having to wait for the September intakes. The application process for the position was relatively straightforward; the (virtual for the foreseeable future I suppose) interview was strength-based – I was not asked any technical questions. Good thing since I knew next to nothing about auditing back then! This brings me to my other point: there really isn’t any prerequisite experience required to Accounting. Problem-solving skills, enthusiasm to learn, and a deep love for Excel will get you through Audit just fine.

This role was structured in such a way that I had immediate exposure to the actual work involved in Audit and I was able to learn on-the-job, which I really appreciated. In the PSA team, we provide audit services to public bodies such as NHS entities and local councils, as opposed to private companies. This appealed to me because I have always wanted to work with big, impactful organisations. During the so-called “busy season”, I was tasked with a good mix of client-facing tasks and analytical work. The hours were demanding but a good work-life balance is definitely possible!

We are a few FTCs that started around the same time as each other, and we have formed a great support network. It is definitely helpful to know that there are peers who are in the same situation as you, and who are going through the same learning process as you are. We have regular catch-ups and it definitely feels like we are more than just colleagues! Which is great because in late June we were offered to join the Graduate Scheme at the end of our FTC, and I am happy to say that we have all decided to continue our journey at Grant Thornton.

With the transition to remote working happening early on in my time at Grant Thornton, it feels less like an inconvenience to overcome, and more like an opportunity to develop in the right direction. We have at our disposal all the tools – both digital and within the firm’s culture - that we need to excel at what we do. It is definitely exciting times!

Posted by Guan-Ting Liu (David)   |    18 August 2020 at 1:16 PM

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