The Big Night In for Talent20 – a recap

Talent20 has been one for the history books. It was spectacular to see the early careers team work so hard to host the event live. 

Here is what Bethany had to say about her experience hosting ‘The GT big night in’

Bethany Duffy, Associate, Public Services, Carlisle

“As Talent was a bit different this year, it meant that we couldn’t meet the new trainees in person. However, we couldn’t let the event go without a bit of light-hearted fun. This is when “The GT big night in” idea was developed.

The evening was completely optional and so it was fantastic to see so many little squares on Zoom being filled by Talent20 new joiners, facilitators, and numerous members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). 

Ben Thomas, Public Sector Audit Associate, and I were the hosts for the evening. We started with a few classic party tunes.  Once we were in the mood, we commenced with the main event.  The evening consisted of 3 rounds: (Round 1) 4 truths of a lie featuring the SLT; (Round 2) the observation round inspired by the Krypton Factor; and (Round 3) a Mastermind style quiz.  There was an added bonus round of Supermarket Sweep too which definitely got heart rates going and step counts up on their Fitbits!  Parvie Churchman was the fastest in the isles grabbing the pasta, toilet roll and hand gel first and earning herself a High Five from 3Cheers in the process.  Well done, Parvie!

The highlight of the evening for me has to be the 4 truths and a lie round as we uncovered some inspirational, wacky and intriguing facts about the SLT.  Who knew that we have an U12 Birmingham table tennis champion and a once professional football player amongst us?  Or that one member’s career choice was between accountancy and fashion?  Or that several members appear to be friends with Jamie Redknapp?!

I‘ve received some lovely comments and feedback since the “big night in”.  Ben and I both loved hosting the event and so I’m really glad other people had a great time too. 

A big thank you needs to go to the Early Careers Team for providing me with the opportunity to organize such an event  and to the SLT for participating so willingly in the 4 truths and a lie round. And finally a big thank you to the new trainees for taking part with such enthusiasm.

Good luck to everyone in the Talent20 cohort. Grant Thornton provides you with so many opportunities and the best piece of advice I could give is to grab these with both hands – you never know what they will lead to.”

Posted by Bethany Duffy, Reshma Ravikumar, Yashvi Somaiya   |    14 October 2020 at 2:50 PM

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