My Bradenham Experience
13 July 2018  |  Guest blogger - Intern

I went into our two days of training at Bradenham with high expectations, as almost every associate I had spoken to at the firm had talked so highly about it. After a few wrong turns on my drive up, including missing the entrance, I finally arrived nice and early on Monday morning and instantly understood […]

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Getting the most out of your Placement at GT
12 July 2018  |  Guest blogger - Trainee

Starting any placement or internship can be a daunting experience, well at least it certainly was for me. At times you will feel like a crash dump of information hits you straight in the face and that you have to desperately force your two remaining brain cells to focus and retain any salient information possible. […]

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My first client experience
09 July 2018  |  Guest blogger - Intern

I’m Poppy and have recently started a 6 weeks internship in the Reading office and have just finished working on my first client – I thought it may be useful for any new starters to gain some insight into what this experience is like, so here are some of my thoughts! I know for me, […]

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My First Week on my 12 Month Placement
03 July 2018  |  Guest blogger - Placement student

Hi, My name is Emma and I have just started my 12 month placement in Corporate Finance in the Reading Office. My first week here has been really helpful, mainly focusing on training and getting to know the other interns and placement students, as well as my CF team. Walking into the office on Monday […]

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Why Public Sector Audit?
23 January 2018  |  Uniqua Brown

As a placement student in Public Sector Audit (PSA), you soon learn that when Grant Thornton job advertisements state that your job role will entail early responsibility, they are not joking! You will be plunged straight into work after your first week of induction training, with a supportive team around to answer questions and to […]

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A day in the life of a GIA associate!
22 November 2017  |  Jenny Jackson

Hi everyone! Jenny here 🙂 This week, we’ve got a great blog from one of our associates in Government Infrastructure Advisory.. So if you’re interested in finding out more about what GIA do and what the role of the associate involves, please keep reading! 🙂 POP QUIZ: Which of the below projects has the Transport […]

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3 minutes with our Tax Senior Manager, Richard Perry!
13 November 2017  |  Jenny Jackson

Hi everyone If you’re anything like me, sometimes you get curious about what different roles in the firm look like. So we thought we’d share with you a 3 minute interview with one of our tax senior managers, Richard Perry where we find out more about what Richard gets up to! I hope you enjoy […]

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Public Sector Audit Internship: My First Week
24 July 2017  |  Guest blogger

From what I thought and who I met, to what I did and where I went, this blog gives a pretty comprehensive account of my first week as a public sector audit (PSA) intern at the London Euston office. Although your experience won’t be the same, I hope this gives those soon to join Grant […]

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Six tips from six interns
19 July 2017  |  Guest blogger - Trainee

As us Audit interns in Euston started our internship three weeks before those in other offices we thought we would each give a quick insight into what we’ve learnt so far and helpful tips for those who have just started the program or for those thinking of applying in the future. Introduce yourself: Make sure […]

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The Importance of Being Resilient
18 May 2017  |  Tasha Mbaya

We all know what it is like to ‘fail’ at something… one way or another. Firstly… let me share with you just three examples of very successful individuals who understand ‘The Importance of Being Resilient’ R. H. Macy: Most people are familiar with this large department store chain, but Macy did not always have it easy. […]

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A day in the life of an Actuarial Trainee
26 January 2017  |  Jenny Jackson

Our next blog is courtesy of Stephen Robinson, one of our Actuarial Trainees, here at Grant Thornton. If you’d like to understand more about what Stephen’s role entails, then please keep reading! My name is Stephen and I joined Grant Thornton just over a year ago as an actuarial trainee. Here is an insight into […]

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Coping with exams and managing time!
07 December 2016  |  Jenny Jackson

We all know that in order to achieve Chartered Accountant status, exams need to be passed; so how do you allow sufficient time for this, whilst keeping up your day job? In short, it’s all about balance and leaning on your support network when you need it. It’s all too often that your workload seems […]

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The Application Experience
01 December 2016  |  Guest blogger - Trainee

I’m Ivaylo, and I have recently been offered an Intern position in the Corporate Tax department in the Glasgow office after successfully passing all the stages of the recruitment process. A lot of people ask me how I went about each stage, so I thought it would be helpful to share my experience with you, […]

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