My First Week on my 12 Month Placement

Hi, My name is Emma and I have just started my 12 month placement in Corporate Finance in the Reading Office. My first week here has been really helpful, mainly focusing on training and getting to know the other interns and placement students, as well as my CF team. Walking into the office on Monday […]

03 July 2018  |  Guest blogger - Placement student
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A day in the life of a GIA associate!

Hi everyone! Jenny here 🙂 This week, we’ve got a great blog from one of our associates in Government Infrastructure Advisory.. So if you’re interested in finding out more about what GIA do and what the role of the associate involves, please keep reading! 🙂 POP QUIZ: Which of the below projects has the Transport […]

22 November 2017  |  Jenny Jackson
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Rotational Advisory Programme Year 1 – Martin

Last year, Grant Thornton launched the Rotational Advisory Programme where associates work in the three main areas of the advisory practice over a period of three years. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to join the first group of Associates to undertake the programme in August, 2015. I am originally from Norway. […]

10 November 2016  |  Guest blogger - Trainee
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