The School Leaver Series 2016 – Sam

Over the course of this week, we will be sharing a number of blogs from a few of our school leavers from across the firm. In these blogs, we will be sharing some of the great experiences we’ve had since working at Grant Thornton, whilst at the same time, talking about the key themes that […]

01 November 2016  |  Sam
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Intern v Graduate – Talent 16 for interns?

14 months ago, back in June 2015, I prepared to join the Public Sector Audit team at Grant Thornton. By this time, I had already applied to be a part of the Spilling the Beans Intern Takeover Team and so wrote my first blog ‘The Weeks Before I Joined Grant Thornton’ which gave an insight […]

11 October 2016  |  Mass Ndow-Njie
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