Talent 18: What to know!

If you are reading the blog, you may be one of the 382 graduates, school leavers and placement students to have made it through the rigorous process that is recruitment. You underwent online tests, a digital interview, and finally an experience day where you had your face-to-face interview and would have been chosen out of the 9,000+ applicants to join our Grant Thornton Family.

29 August 2018  |  Octavia Tenga
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Takeover 2016: PSA Fact File

Personally, I never used Spilling the Beans more than when I was preparing for my final round assessment centre at the Birmingham office. So, rather than creating a day-in-the-life blog as many of my colleagues have already finely done in far better style than I am capable of, I thought it best, on a rainy […]

08 August 2016  |  Takeover 2016
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Takeover 2016: Our Summer Internship experience in Reading

As part of our development and goal setting as interns, myself, Rebecca and Stephen decided to write a blog expanding and reflecting on our experience of joining Grant Thornton for 6 weeks over the summer. We all agreed that Spilling the Beans was an extremely useful tool in finding out information about the application process and […]

04 August 2016  |  Takeover 2016
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Takeover 2016: Away Day at the Velodrome

Hi all! I’m Jess and I’m an intern in the Entrepreneurial and Private Client tax department at the Euston office. A few weeks ago the tax and audit London interns, along with the full time members of their respective departments, were invited to spend the day at the Lee Valley Velodrome for the Audit and […]

25 July 2016  |  Takeover 2016
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Takeover 2016: CIPFA Explained – An Associate’s Perspective

When it comes to choosing which firm and which service line is right for you, finding out more about the qualification that you will be studying towards during your first few years is an important part of making the right decision. I spoke to Sophie Medwell – Public Sector Assurance associate and CIPFA representative for […]

20 July 2016  |  Takeover 2016
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Takeover 2016: Can Bradenham be beaten?

The workshops were great and the people even better. The best part of my internship so far. I have just spent the last two days at Bradenham, Grant’s Thornton training centre in Buckinghamshire. My course was called ‘Developing your Business Impact’, but this was just one of the things I learnt during my stay. The […]

20 July 2016  |  Takeover 2016
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A Conversation with… The CEO part 5

The conversation with the CEO comes to an end. Watch the last episode of the series where we get to know more about Sacha outside of work. Sacha talks about her favourite books,  favourite music, her dream three course meal… and as a bonus, tells us about her dream three course dessert. Thanks to everyone […]

27 August 2015  |  Mass Ndow-Njie
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A Conversation With… The CEO part 3

A conversation with… The CEO continues! In part 3, Sacha gives some advice for people considering applying to the firm, as well as giving some advice for those wanting to progress through the ranks at Grant Thornton.

17 August 2015  |  Mass Ndow-Njie
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A conversation with… The CEO part 1

The Spilling the Beans intern takeover team recently had a chance to have a conversation with the new CEO, Sacha Romanovitch. In part 1, we asked people around the Finsbury Square and the London Euston offices what they thought of the new boss. More video’s to follow!

10 August 2015  |  Mass Ndow-Njie
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