Skills we look for

Skills we look for

At Grant Thornton, we've created a culture of openness and transparency where all our people can make a difference. Our CLEARR values underpin our culture and how we do business. They are embedded throughout our business and set the parameters of how we expect people to behave with their colleagues, clients and the world at large.

Our CLEARR values are Collaboration, Leadership, Excellence, Agility, Respect and Responsibility. We want to work with people who connect to our firms values and throughout the assessment process this is measured via the below strengths and competency profiles:

  • Self management - People who can successfully manage various priorities, deadlines and stakeholders. They are comfortable working with a mixture of different clients in a short period of time. They are naturally organised and enjoy the variety of work and regular changing client environments. They confidently manage their own workload and successfully keep their work and projects on track and to a high standard.
  • Co-creator - People who are collaborative thrive in achieving results through teamwork. They can leverage collective expertise and enjoy supporting their peers and juniors. They understand that delivering quality work involves managing their own workload whilst thinking of the overall team objectives. They are confident in their own approach and comfortable developing, mentoring and coaching others in the team.
  • Driven to succeed - People who are driven to succeed are self-motivated and push themselves to achieve. They naturally take pride in their work, holding themselves and others to account. They inherently have high standards and a desire to deliver quality work. They demonstrate persistence and resilience, positively working through challenges and dealing well with pressure. They face adversity with confidence and are driven by their focus to succeed and always deliver quality work.
  • Growth mindset - People who have a growth mindset seek out opportunities to learn and gain feedback, striving to improve themselves and those around them. They have a desire for learning and upskilling themselves and others to ensure they can deliver the best client service. They are curious, ask sensible questions and apply their learning/theory in a meaningful and solutions focused approach.
  • Naturally Analytical- People who are logical thinkers take a methodological approach in understanding the root causes of problems, which they then use to inform solutions. They regularly think of the bigger picture and how everything fits together – they know and appreciate that by fully understanding the client and our services they will be able to provide better client work. They can spot details, errors or inaccuracies easily and think critically about the information available to them. They enjoy analysis, working with numbers and applying their professional studies to client work.
  • Relationship Maker- People who are relationship builders are proactive in forming lasting relationships and understand the importance, in business, of building relationships with, and meeting the needs of, colleagues and clients. They won’t be afraid to challenge clients when they need to and will be able to ask difficult questions to get the heart of the issue.
  • Effective communication – People who can communicate successfully both verbally and written. They understand the need for accurate and clear documentation and the impact this has on client work .They understand the importance of effective communication with internal colleagues and clients in order to provide quality work. They ask sensible questions to gather the necessary information to deliver, and they are confident to challenge and manage expectations when required

Throughout our assessment process we look at you as an individual. Think about what makes you unique. Try your best to demonstrate how you possess these competencies and values.

Watch this interview with our CEO, Dave Dunckley, where he shares some helpful advice for trainees looking to join our firm: