Aamna, Tax trainee former school leaver, Manchester


Tax trainee former school leaver, Manchester

Your journey at Grant Thornton is like a blank piece of paper, it goes however you want it to go.

When I first joined the firm in Autumn 2016 as a school leaver in corporate tax it took some time to get used to the change of environment. From the outset, you are given responsibility and a varied client portfolio to start getting you used the type and size of clients that the firm works with. Everyone is really supportive and friendly and they actively encourage you to ask questions. As you progress with your studies and become more client facing, your day to day role becomes second nature.

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There are plenty of internal opportunities, outside of day to day work, which all trainees can get involved in. I help to run the ‘Spilling the beans’ blog and social media presence, which is run by trainees for current and future trainees. My role in the team has helped me to build my confidence and build a connection with other members of the team that are based across the country.

Everyone takes the time to get to know you and they all take an interest in your development and career progression. You’re not seen as a robot who churns out tax returns!

Over the last two years, I have completed my ATT qualification, built up my technical knowledge and confidence. I’m looking forward to passing all of this onto new joiners and carrying on with my journey.