Rewards and benefits

We want you to thrive at Grant Thornton. That’s why we do what we can to support your health and happiness both at work and outside it.

As well as a competitive salary, we offer a range of other benefits. Some will automatically be available to you, while others you can volunteer for. Everyone’s needs are different, so they may not all appeal to you right now. But they’re there for you to use, as and when you need.

We value and respect difference within our firm and have an inclusive and flexible approach to bank holidays, allowing our people to choose when they take their public holidays throughout the year. We want to support our people in celebrating holidays and occasions that are important to their religion, ethnicity, culture heritage or other parts of their identity and this is just one way we do this.


  • Competitive salary
    We’ll give you a salary that’s appropriate for your experience, service line, level and location. We use third-party market research to make sure what we pay is competitive compared with the rest of the market. 
  • Other rewards
    We take a performance driven approach at Grant Thornton. So if you perform well and are eligible, you may receive an individual bonus.

These are just two pieces of the total reward we offer. The benefits and recognition you’ll get here (find out more below) are all part of the package too. If you have any questions, you’ll be able to discuss your starting salary and other benefits with us at your interview.


We’re all about celebrating success at Grant Thornton, recognising those who surpass expectations, and simply saying thank you for doing a great job.

Our 3Cheers scheme is how we celebrate people who deserve to be recognised. And it’s in your hands. So, if you want to say thank you to someone, celebrate a special occasion, or give an award for something exceptional, you can through 3Cheers. And, of course, others can do the same for you.


We offer a range of benefits focused on health, family and wellbeing. They fall into three categories: core, voluntary and anytime benefits.

If you start with us on a permanent contract, you’ll get them straight away. If you join Grant Thornton on a fixed-term or intern contract, you’ll get them after you’ve completed three months’ continuous service.

Core benefits

Our core benefits include access to life assurance, income protection, and private medical cover.

Voluntary benefits

We also have a range of voluntary benefits for you to choose from. Some have options to cover family members too. Our voluntary benefits include:

  • Bike4work, which allows you to buy a bike and cycling equipment through your salary
  • ability to buy additional holiday each year
  • ability to make charitable contributions
  • critical illness cover
  • dental insurance
  • annual health assessments
  • pension
  • personal accident insurance
  • travel insurance.

Anytime benefits

You’ll also be able to benefit from these schemes and resources any time you like.

  • Gym discounts: enjoy the lowest available corporate rates from a large choice health clubs, at any time during the year.
  • Eye care: if you need an eye exam and glasses, you can claim some of the costs of these back.
  • Shopping Gateway: get product discounts and claim cash back by shopping online or purchasing store vouchers.
  • Employee assistance programme: 24/7 access to a free and confidential service offering you expert advice, valuable information, specialist counselling and support to help you with anything you may be dealing with. This includes physical or mental health problems, work issues, a personal or family crisis, or life events like having children or moving.