Below we've compiled the most common questions we hear from candidates. However, if you still have questions, speak to your recruiter or email traineerecruitment@uk.gt.com

Graduate, school leaver, 12-month placement, summer internship and work experience. The programme you apply to depends on where you currently are in the education system. Only penultimate year university students can apply to our placement and internship programmes. Final year students or graduates can apply for our graduate programme. Students who have just completed their A levels/Highers/IB tend to apply to our school leaver programme; however, this is open to anyone who doesn't have a degree. Students in Year 12/S5 and 13/S6 can apply to our work experience programme.

Approximately 450 roles per year across all programmes. We recruit around 300 trainees at school leaver and graduate level; around 80 summer interns; 40 12-month placements; 60 students on our work experience programme. You could join us in one of the following locations: Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Carlisle, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Glasgow, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Oxford, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton. Check our current available roles for more detail.

As far as determining which business area is right for you, we look for candidates across all different degree subject backgrounds. We urge you to make your decision on what appeals to you and your personality. All our roles require you to have a high level of integrity, be commercial, have attention to detail and be able to develop great client relationships. Take a look at our Spilling the Beans blog series to get a real insight into life as a trainee with us and which programmes are right for you.

Our entry requirements are balanced across the below areas: -your personal achievements -your academic achievements -your connection with the Grant Thornton brand and values We look at each candidate in a balanced sense, each individual application is considered in its entirety. Academic performance is one part of what we look at, but not the only part of you we consider. We're looking for well-rounded candidates who connect with our brand, values and culture and want to make a difference right from the start. As a trainee you'll be studying for a professional qualification. It's really important that you can balance study, revision and client work. It's going to be a challenging few years but being professionally qualified opens up many doors and fast-tracks your career as a associate.

At Grant Thornton, we've created a culture of openness and transparency where all our people can make a difference. Our CLEARR values underpin our culture and how we do business. They are embedded throughout our business and set the parameters of how we expect people to behave with their colleagues, clients and the world at large. Our CLEARR values are Collaboration, Leadership, Excellence, Agility, Respect and Responsibility. We want to work with people who connect to our firms values and throughout the assessment process this is measured via the below strengths profiles: Growth Orientated - People who are growth orientated seek out opportunities to learn and gain feedback, striving to improve themselves and those around them. Driven to Succeed - People who are driven to succeed are self-motivated and push themselves hard to achieve what they want out of life. Collaborative - People who are collaborative thrive in achieving results through teamwork. They are able to leverage collective expertise, and are adept at building effective networks. Instinctively Curious - People who are instinctively curious pay attention to the wider factors and bigger picture that will inform all the decisions they make. Relationship Builder - People who are relationship builders are proactive in forming lasting relationships and understand the importance, in business, of building relationships with, and meeting the needs of, colleagues and clients. Resilient - People who are resilient thrive under pressure and in the face of change - they are determined and have a positive attitude in overcoming obstacles Analytical - People who are analytical are logical thinkers, who take a methodological approach in understanding the root causes of problems, which they then use to inform solutions. It's about us looking at you as an individual. You're unique. So are we. Why not explore more about what life as a business adviser at Grant Thornton before you submit your application?

We’re committed to ensuring our application process is balanced, and this includes taking into account extenuating circumstances. When submitting your application please send any documentation with regards to your extenuating circumstances to traineerecruitment@uk.gt.com. This will then be reviewed alongside your application and an outcome will be provided to you.

Yes. Academic performance is one of the areas that we look at on an application form. We work with a balanced screening scorecard when we look at applications so it's about you demonstrating your ability across our strengths profile. Consider what you’re great at and show it in your application.

Your application journey with us will start with filling out a quick and easy online registration form. We’ve moved away from having long and time intensive application forms in favour for something that provides a smoother, shorter and more engaging experience for all our candidates – this means we’re only asking you what we really need to know, simply what we call ‘the essentials’, which will take around 10-20 minutes.

Depending on the programme you're applying to, you'll be invited to participate in either an online assessment or a digital interview.

Visit our employability hub for more information: Employability Hub - Application Process

You can only make one application to us each season. Please think carefully about where you want to be based for the duration of your training contract before you apply to us.

For our graduate and school leaver roles, you can apply from September and we expect to have filled a large number of our roles by January. We will continue to recruit until April, so don’t worry if you haven’t submitted an application yet. All our live vacancies are listed in the ‘apply’ section of our website. You can apply for 12-month placement roles from October and for our internship roles from November. We expect to have filled the majority of our placement and internships roles by the end of February. We advise applying as early as you can once applications have opened for the programme you're interested in. We'll fill roles as we go, so the earlier you apply the more chance you've got securing a place in the area and location you want.

We provide feedback after the digital interview, online tests and assessment day whether you're successful or not. If you're unsuccessful after initial application, we will notify you on the outcome but are unable to offer detailed feedback at this stage. I haven't been successful for this year's programmes. When can I next apply? – We only welcome one trainee application per year. If you are unsuccessful you will need to re-apply in the following September, when we re-launch our application season. Think about the feedback you may have received and how you can develop these areas if reapplying.

Yes, you are able to apply for a trainee position with us. Please consider that you will be required to complete the duration of your trainee contract (i.e. three years for a graduate) if you are successful in the application process. We will consider each application on a case-by-case basis.

Don't worry, we'll make sure you're never out of pocket when travelling to ours or client sites as a trainee. We also reimburse travel expenses for interviews up to £80.

Audit (both commercial audit and public sector audit), Tax (corporate and a number of specialist areas) and Advisory (rotational advisory programme and a number of specialist areas) You can find the current vacancies by searching here. Whichever route you join, we work with you to develop you into a credible business person.

Any employment offers are subject to an applicant providing the necessary right to work documents that demonstrate the right to work and reside legally in the United Kingdom (UK). As an employer we must check that a job applicant is allowed to work in the UK before we can employ them. This means that you’ll be asked to provide evidence of your right to work during the early stages of our application process and you must be able to demonstrate your right to work in the UK for the duration of your employment with us.

To process visa applications for our trainee positions, we must ensure that all our trainee programmes meet the minimum salary criteria as advised by the Home Office. Unfortunately, a number of our programmes and locations do not meet the Home Office salary requirements and therefore we’re unable to accept applications from candidates requiring visa sponsorship for the following positions:

  • All school leaver programmes across the following locations:
    Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Sheffield and Southampton 
  • All trainee programmes for those who require Skilled Worker visa sponsorship, are not currently on a Student visa and who are 26 or above:
    The Home Office sets a higher minimum salary criteria for those it classes as an ‘experienced worker.’ Our trainee programmes do not currently meet this criteria. This is not a criteria for those aged 26 or above that are currently on a Student visa. Those candidates will continue through the standard trainee recruitment process.

For more information on this, and prior to submitting an application, we would encourage you to familiarise yourself with the latest guidance on the Gov.uk website to ensure you are eligible to apply and have the necessary right to work documents to help us proceed with your application.

Immigration rules are subject to change and the above information is correct as at December 2020.

Under the current immigration legislation only international students who are studying in the UK can get a visa to work in the UK (Student visa) and therefore can apply for our summer placement programme. Further information on the Student visa can be found on the Gov.Uk website.

If you’re studying for an AAT please apply for our school leaver programmes and detail what level AAT you are studying towards or have completed, in your application.

Our firm believes that diverse thinking and approach is critical to getting the best solutions for our clients and creating a stimulating work environment where everyone is enabled to realise their full potential. This includes not discriminating under the Equality Act 2010, and building an accurate picture of our workforce in encouraging equality and diversity. We are committed to creating a working environment where all colleagues are treated equally, where differences are understood and respected, and everyone feels valued and able to perform at their best. This is our aspiration.

As a member of Grant Thornton International, we have 521 offices in 113 countries worldwide. So you’ll have plenty of potential for international exposure - either through secondments to other member firms or working on assignments abroad.

Each office is different, but in general we are a lively firm, and our offices have active social calendars – and enthusiastic participants. Departments also arrange their own activities on a regular basis. We have football, cricket and netball teams, internal and external sporting tournaments, corporate responsibility events, summer and Christmas parties as well as informal evening drinks in some locations. And, in keeping with our proactive atmosphere, if you want to organise a social event or gathering we’re all for it!

At Grant Thornton we look for the exceptional. And for us that starts with passion and enthusiasm – we want someone who really cares about making a wider impact. Our teams of advisers are independent thinkers who examine and test assumptions. They love tough challenges and believe what they do matters. As a Grant Thornton trainee you’ll listen critically, and be inspired to ask the questions that allow you to really get under the skin of a business. You’ll drill down to the relevant issues, regardless of sector, to offer our clients the kind of business advice that takes them from where they are to where they want to go. However, it’s not only about technical expertise or a qualification. Good relationships and credibility are ultimately what make the business world go round, and we’re looking for people who are confident and with the personality to build a genuine rapport with our clients and spot opportunities to add value. It’s what gives your knowledge and professional qualifications the kind of edge that really drives your career - and our business forward.

We’re looking for exceptional people and we don’t take on huge numbers of graduates. As such, we expect you to become an effective member of the team as soon as possible. You'll enjoy a hands-on and proactive start to your career with a variety of challenging clients and roles. You'll get to understand different types of businesses and what motivates the people running the business You'll work alongside very different people (within Grant Thornton and among our client base), experts in their field, learning from their experience and developing your own skills and knowledge. You'll develop and nurture working relationships with our clients. You'll build a personal rapport with key individuals who will trust and rely on you as a business adviser with a genuine, professional interest in their business - and ours. We’re looking for a real interest in the commercial world - so that we know our clients will see your enthusiasm for their business straight away.

As much as you want! We want to stretch you, but we also know the people who join us seek out opportunity and want to take their own career forward. Grant Thornton is a meritocracy - you will get on as fast as you are able. In most cases you can expect to be in charge of assignments within 18 months. And that means 'in-charge' - where you act as a main point of contact for the client, report directly to managers and liaise with partners. This may seem daunting, but speak to our trainees and they'll reassure you that progression doesn't mean being thrown in at the deep end.

Coffee, yes if you're getting one yourself. We've more than that in mind for you though. We want to get you up to speed as fast as possible, so much of your first few months will be spent training either for professional examinations or at our residential training centre, Bradenham Manor. It's good to be realistic, there's admin in every role, at every level but there is far more to the job than just that.

Work/life balance is important and valued here and you won't be expected to always work long hours or overtime. At certain times of the year, such as financial year ends, you will need to work overtime to ensure quality of service to our clients. In some teams there's a possibility to claim back time off in lieu for these additional hours. You can also buy up to ten days additional holiday to use how you like.

Like you, we want you to pass your exams first time. So we give you paid study leave to attend all the relevant tuition and revision courses. How much you get depends on the qualification you are studying and the method of study.

Lots! Not only do you get paid while attending college, but we also cover the cost of tuition, books, examination and entry fees. On top of this, you'll get the support on a day-to-day basis from colleagues, managers and other students.

There are a number of different routes for studying for professional qualifications, such as link, split-intensive and full time. Ask at your interview what study route is available at that office and we’ll discuss the best method with you.

We want you to pass and give you the best possible chance to do that at the first attempt. However, we recognise that you can have a bad day. If your results don’t match your expectations then we will talk through your performance with you and review your work and previous exam performances in order to consider all your options.

Although you sign a three-year training contract, we view all of our trainees as having a long-term career with us. During your first few years, you'll work with your line manager to ensure you've been building your skills as a credible business adviser. After your training contract, you might want to stay on in your department or move to another department or office within our UK or international network. Some people also apply for a sabbatical and take time out to travel.

You’ll travel to clients and to Bradenham Manor, our national training centre so you will need to be prepared to be away from home for some periods of time, ranging from a day to several weeks depending on the assignment.

We see exposure to different business areas, sectors, internally or abroad, as part of our trainees’ development, and so support applications to do so. Formal secondments typically happen post-qualification to ensure you have the correct amount of knowledge and experience to pass your exams. We also have relationships with intermediaries such as banks and law firms, as well as with clients, and can also second people to them.

Salaries are competitive and in line with the wider industry. They vary across our offices and are based on the cost of living and local market rates. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your starting salary and other benefits when offered.

Your salary will be reviewed along with your colleagues. You can expect rewarding pay rises as you progress through your programme and career.

No. We don’t have any special intake, extra level or salary for those with a Masters degree, although we do encourage those with a masters to apply for our graduate trainee programme.

To start with you get 22 days, plus public holidays. Holiday entitlement will increase as you progress in your career. You’ll also have the opportunity to buy up to 10 days additional holiday.

We offer a number of excellent benefits such as life assurance, private health cover and pension. There's a flexible benefit scheme so you can tailor the benefits to suit your needs. I'm in debt and I'm worried about my living costs and being able to afford the essentials in my first few months of work. Can you help? Don't worry, we can help. It's important to us that you're settled and happy. You can apply for an interest free loan of £2500 on your first day if you need it.