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We value your difference

Included and valued for your difference is how everyone should feel at work. Not just because it’s right, but because we’re all at our best when we’re able to be ourselves.

So, when you join Grant Thornton, we’ll work hard to ensure that’s how you feel. We want you for who you are. We’re excited to see the personality and perspectives you’ll bring to our team because we know we’ll all benefit from them. Our firm is built on people and their ideas, so we want to hear all the new perspectives and fresh thinking you have to offer. We also want you to be open to listening and learning from different perspectives, understanding the viewpoints of your colleagues and embracing difference. 

Inclusion, every day.

We want Grant Thornton to be a place where everyone is treated fairly and has equal access to opportunities and rewards. But more than that, we want Grant Thornton to be a place where it’s OK to ask questions, where we’re all open to and interested by different perspectives, and where we’re continually learning from and educating each other.

Our ambition is to be fully inclusive every day. Of course, we have a way to go to get there. But we have a strategy for how we’re going to do it, which centres around three principles.

  1. Leadership: we emphasise the importance of inclusion and diversity in the way we deliver our strategy at all leadership meetings. Our successful reverse mentoring programme helps our leaders to understand the perspective of others. 
  2. Involvement: we involve our people to ensure we create a culture of everyday inclusion together. With over 250 trained Inclusion Allies, we work closely with Inclusive Employers to ensure inclusion is integrated into our everyday thinking. 
  3. Engagement: we engage all our people through active networks, celebration events, and webinars to educate about cultural backgrounds and difference, and encourage ownership of I&D at every level within the organisation.

Taking positive action

We want to make the way we recruit inclusive for anyone who wants to apply to join us.

We’ll make reasonable adjustments to any stage of our recruitment process, if you need it. This could be adapting the format of the interview for example. To request an adjustment, or if you’d like to discuss the options, contact us at

Working towards diversity and inclusion

We know that building a more inclusive work culture, and society, won’t happen overnight. And neither is it something we can achieve on our own. That’s why we’re working with some of the UK’s leading experts to help us. Here are just some of the things we’re proud to have achieved and be working towards.

  • Disability: We have achieved Disability Confident Leader status, and signed the ‘Time to Change’ employer pledge. This is a commitment to change how we think about mental health in the workplace. We have also trained more than 40 Mental Health First Aiders to listen, reassure and respond to colleagues when they are experiencing a crisis.
  • Social mobility: We take around 80 young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds on to our work experience programmes every year and we’re currently ranked number three on the Social Mobility Employers Index.
  • Ethnicity: We’ve signed the Race at Work Charter. It’s our pledge to tackle the barriers to recruitment and progression that people in ethnic minorities face.
  • Gender: By 2023, we want to have reduced our gender pay gap to 20%, increase our percentage of female partners to 25%, and our percentage of directors to 30%.
  • LGBTQIA+: In 2019 we introduced our new transitioning policy, supporting our people. In 2023, we ranked 38 in the Stonewall Equality Index, and achieved a Gold Award for our progress, two years ahead of our initial goal.