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Written case study


The written case study is a great opportunity to find out more about the type of work you’d be doing at Grant Thornton and the different clients we can work with. This assessment is assessing your ability to understand and interpret written content and data. We are looking at how you read and understand the question, how you use the data and the way in which you provide your written response. We are assessing your analytical skills, critical reasoning, and written language.    

We understand this is a different type of assessment from what you may be familiar with, and have created a ‘top tips’ guide and a practice assessment so you can prepare ahead of this stage. We would strongly encourage you to read the guide and have a practice ahead of this stage and if you are an apprentice, ahead of completing the digital interview.  

This stage will take around twenty minutes to complete. You will need to use a computer or laptop to complete this assessment due to the data you’ll be reviewing and to help you write your mini report.