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Ryan: from associate to assistant manager

My route into accountancy

I liked the idea of working with numbers as I was always pretty handy with them through school. Added to that, the opportunity to travel round, working with different clients and colleagues, and building my social skills by engaging with both effectively. These were the main factors that attracted me to a career in accountancy, alongside the chartered qualification we are supported to achieve.

A firm that cares

I love the ethos at Grant Thornton and how close we all are in the Liverpool office. We have a thriving social scene, and to be honest, I’ve made many friends for life. We’re always out at events, whether it be our annual Christmas and summer parties, to Chester races, pasta making classes, monthly drinks celebrating birthdays or exam results. We’ll turn up to the opening of an envelope!

I also have a sense that Grant Thornton really invest in people from day one, they encourage you to push yourself in work and in your studies, whilst also being on hand to lend advise and support when things get tough. You’re never left to fend for yourself here, I have a real sense of value here at Grant Thornton.

It can be hard, but you’re not alone

Balancing my studies alongside my work is difficult, but easily manageable. It’s like anything in life, you get out what you put in. What is great though, is you start with a cohort, so there’s a group of you all studying for the same exams together. I personally loved coming into the office on a weekend to revise, as I found myself getting easily distracted at home. I was able to bounce thoughts and questions off colleagues who also came in as well. During the week, after travelling out on site or being in the office, I’d pick up some revision for maybe an hour or so, but also made time for myself as well, which is equally as important. As I say, it’s tough, but you get a qualification at the end that sets you up for life, so I was more than happy to put the effort in! We’re encouraged to form own study pattern, so that we can study in a way that works for you.

Now that I’ve completed my studies, I’m fortunate that I have a qualification that opens so many doors in the business world, so with the right attitude and discipline, I’m confident I can achieve my goals and I’m ensuring I take time to work out what opportunities are best for progressing my career and I know I will be supported by my colleagues at Grant Thornton.


06 October 2023 at 10:11 AM

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