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Public Sector Audit

Joining our PSA team, you will be joining the market leaders in audit of the NHS and Local Government (including councils, Police and Fire). Our teams ensure financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial affairs of the audited body and that public services are economic, efficient and effective, ensuring that public money is spent appropriately and that public services are well managed.

We help to safeguard public money and to ensure that as taxpayers we receive Value for Money. Our audits are delivered throughout the country from centres of excellence in the following locations: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Carlisle, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and the firm’s headquarters in London.

Work that makes a difference

Our formal interventions, through statutory recommendations and Reports in the Public Interest, have been high-profile and make a difference to both the taxpayer and those using public services. Our work can be exciting, dealing with contracts and services worth £millions. Recently we have reported on councils with significant financial pressures, created by failing commercial investments, including Nottingham City Council’s and Bristol City Council’s failing energy companies and Croydon London Borough Council’s Fairfield halls redevelopment project. We have challenged financial management and governance at Slough Borough Council and Thanet District Council respectively and have considered the financial planning and impact of the Commonwealth games for Birmingham. We are also regular contributors to public sector consultations that shape the future of the profession in the sector, given our standing and reputation and the respect afforded to our people.

You can find out more about the work we do here: Lessons from recent Public Interest Reports | Grant Thornton

Your continued development 

Our success in the market means that we are currently investing in recruiting to all levels of our team in all locations. We want people who care about public services as much as we do, and see the wider impact on society that our work has. Our training and development arrangements are second-to none in the sector, with a range of carefully crafted training programmes in place to ensure our people of all grades are fully equipped to perform their important roles.

Public services are key to the firms wider purpose and strategy, and this means the team receives significant and unrivalled investment in support and infrastructure for our local audit work. Our financial statement and audit training will prepare you for any finance role, wherever your career takes you. Our Value for Money audit work incorporates financial sustainability, leadership, governance and services performance and will equip you with insight into how organisations work. As your career progresses you will have access to (and learn from) senior public sector figures.

The strength of our practice means that we are appointed to the most challenging and important local authorities and NHS bodies, (similar in scale to significant FTSE listed business in the commercial world) such as core cities, including Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol, major councils such as Kent and Cornwall, ‘blue light’ bodies including the Metropolitan Police and health bodies such as Greater Manchester Integrated Care Board and Guys NHS Foundation Trust. With such a portfolio we have a unique opportunity to be involved at the heart of influential public services and our many audit interactions not only provide independent assurance of the many good things these bodies do but are also not afraid to challenge those instances where their performance has not been to the high levels expected.