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A new chapter - Grant Thornton straight from University
19 August 2021  |  Madeleine Storm

As cliché or as predictable as it sounds, finding yourself starting a ‘new chapter’ always arrives with a multitude and variety of emotion. Just 3 weeks after I had sat my last examination at Durham University in Philosophy, I found myself back in my childhood home, starting the first day as an FTC associate in Public Sector Audit here at Grant Thornton.

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Interview with: Dave Dunckley
11 February 2020  |  Octavia Tenga

Dave Dunckley ‘Spills the Beans’ about his career progression, his favourite breakfast option and more. In this interview we get some advice on how to manage your time, being confident and some tips to anyone looking to apply to Grant Thornton.

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My journey from application to offer!
19 August 2019  |  Victoria Reid

Hi, my name is Victoria and I’ll be starting as an Advisory Associate in the Glasgow office at the end of August. If you're interested in learning about the application process at Grant Thornton, read my blog top learn about my experience from application to offer.

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My graduate experience- Corporate tax
25 October 2018  |  Guest blogger - Trainee

Most of my work involves preparing corporate tax computations for clients, which will test your time management, attention to detail, and communication skills. Communication is important as you will need to convey expectations with auditors and managers, as well as conversing with the clients to identify which of their expenses are and are not tax deductible

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Talent 18: My experience
08 October 2018  |  Oishi Ghosh

For those that have read our previous post on Talent 18: What to know, many might be wondering what it is and why we at Grant Thornton are incredibly proud of it. Talent is our annual induction for all trainees that join the firm in the year. Here, joiners are introduced to the organisation and what it means to be a part of our culture and ethos.

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Talent 18: What to know!
29 August 2018  |  Octavia Tenga

If you are reading the blog, you may be one of the 382 graduates, school leavers and placement students to have made it through the rigorous process that is recruitment. You underwent online tests, a digital interview, and finally an experience day where you had your face-to-face interview and would have been chosen out of the 9,000+ applicants to join our Grant Thornton Family.

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6 weeks later…
28 August 2018  |  Guest blogger - Intern

So, the time has finally come to say good bye to GT after the last 6 weeks. The internship has not been easy; it has been busy, hard work and challenging. Most importantly though, it has been an opportunity to learn and has left me feeling very accomplished.

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A year in audit at Southampton
28 August 2018  |  Guest blogger - Placement student

Looking back over my first year(ish) at Grant Thornton I’m surprised at how much I’ve encountered, learned and experienced in such a short space of time. The first month was very much an introductory period, meeting people from all three of the TVS offices, trying to remember names and building relationships. There’s a lot to take in during this time, but also a lot to be gained, so I’d recommend making the most of it!

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Where do I see this industry in 30 years’ time?
02 August 2018  |  Guest blogger - Intern

When wading through my summer internship applications, one key element I sought for before committing to applying came in the form of a simple question…where do I see this industry in 30 years’ time? After all, why would anyone settle into a career that’s inevitably going to reach a dead end in the near future?

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Grant Thornton vs Small Accountancy Firm
01 August 2018  |  Guest blogger - Intern

I am now over halfway through my internship at Grant Thornton and have also previously worked at a small regional accountancy firm. Some of you may have had previous work experience or a part-time job at a smaller accountancy firm and may want to know how this is different to working at Grant Thornton, so I have made this list below of my 5 main differences:

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My audit experience
25 July 2018  |  Guest blogger - Intern

Hi I’m Sam and I’m an audit intern in the Manchester Office. I’m now four weeks into my internship and I am really enjoying it so far. The intern conference at the start of the internship inspired me to get the best out of my experience as we had many great presentations from partners and most notably the CEO Sacha Romanovitch who was very impressive talking about the vibrant economy and Grant Thornton’s culture.

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Creating, Recognising and Taking Every Opportunity
24 July 2018  |  Guest blogger - Intern

Interns from around the UK collaborated in the Finsbury Square office, London, to listen to a plethora of successful advocates of the internship/placement scheme. Partners and Associates shared their experiences and advice to ensure we achieve our personal successes in the following 5 weeks. Personally, the highlight was listening to Sacha Romanovitch (CEO) speak passionately about the importance of recognising employees as individuals, company changes, and the relevance of GT’s purpose of achieving a vibrant economy. Sacha’s motivation and personable nature left me inspired, grateful, and eager to embrace all upcoming opportunities.

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Intern to Partner: What could your career at Grant Thornton look like?
23 July 2018  |  Guest blogger - Intern

As an intern going into his final year at university I have recently been doing a lot of research into various graduate jobs, and often find myself left with the same question, “what would a career at ‘X’ look like?” Therefore, I have decided to ask around the office, and compile a rough guide of what a career at Grant Thornton could look like. As part of the Entrepreneurial & Private client tax team it is important to note that this account may reflect that of the more advisory roles within the firm.

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Expectations vs. Reality: Commercial Audit
20 July 2018  |  Guest blogger - Intern

A little bit of background about myself: I have just finished my second year of an Accounting and Finance degree at the University of Leeds. My hobbies include: playing cricket, reading and being sad that it is not coming home this year! I am currently on the Commercial audit internship in the Birmingham office.

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A Surprisingly Relaxed Start
17 July 2018  |  Guest blogger - Placement student

After having secured a 12-month placement at Grant Thornton in mid-February I didn’t give it another thought, choosing instead to focus on more pressing issues such as my looming second year university exams. Only the night before my first day of work did panic well and truly set in. At around 9:30pm on the Sunday before […]

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